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a mobile flower market

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the owner and head floral designer for the Fresh Sunshine flower truck.


So nice to meet you!


"What exactly is a flower truck?" you ask.  Well, its kind of like a taco truck, but instead of tacos, I sell flowers, ha!  (Although, how cool would it be to sell flowers AND tacos out of my truck?!)  My home base is in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho, but the flower truck has traveled to many communities within the inland northwest, making stops at art festivals, craft shows, farmers markets, corporate events and private parties.  In addition to these fun travels, Fresh Sunshine is also one of Sandpoint's premier wedding florists and we provide both personal and corporate subscription services too.   If you would like to visit the truck in person, you can find it parked in Sandpoint during the summer months.  (And if you haven't been to Sandpoint yet, well I highly suggest a visit!  You will not be disappointed in this postcard-worthy town filled with lots of creative minds and some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet!)

Flowers have always played a special role in my life - my mom is a retired florist and both grandmothers are avid gardeners and flower lovers.  Their knowledge and passion for flowers have always inspired me! Over the years I have developed an appreciation for their simple beauty and a respect for the power they possess.  The way even a single stem can brighten someone's day like a ray of sunshine, inspired the name for my business. 

Flowers don't have to be an expensive, extravagant splurge.  I've spent the last 4 years honing my craft and providing award winning, fresh, beautiful and bespoke floral designs with the promise of service with a smile and a daily dose of Fresh Sunshine! 


I am no ordinary flower shop...


I am a                                   , bringing the natural beauty of fresh flowers to YOU!!


See you soon!


mobile florist

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